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Showcasing Your Knowledge

Whether you have taken the test before or are preparing to take it for the first time, you should go into it feeling fully prepared and confident. 

The SAT is meant to demonstrate what you know, but many students struggle to translate their knowledge into multiple choice responses.  Learn the ins and outs of SAT style questions so that you can truly prove what you know.

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SAT Prep: Sample Lesson
Reviewing for the Exam


Get Exactly What You Need When You Need It



One on one session to focus on your areas of need: reading, writing or math



Six one hour sessions with one on one support. Learn what to expect on the test, what kinds of questions to look for, test taking strategies, as well as content support for your areas of need.

SAT Prep: My Experience

Note: Prior to beginning any SAT prep work together, I will send you a practice test to take on your own time beforehand so that I can know where to focus our studies.

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Reviewing for the Exam
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